The Simple Story Of A Girl, Her Teddy Bear And A Quest To Save Our Dreams From Monsters

TeamD The Story Of A Girl And Her Teddy BearTeam-D is an adventure comic book following the adventures of Dee, a super-smart, young girl, and her grumpy, old teddy bear named Duo, and their little big adventure across the multi-dimensions of the Teddy Bear Universe to save dreams from the Monsters under the bed.

Our story begins as Dee dreams of riding a dinosaur and chasing monsters under the bed, while her grumpy, old teddy bear, Duo, holds on tight to her, only to wake to see her teddy bear jump through a portal, and pausing only to grab her backpack, she follows… Stumbling into an adventure that will take these heroes across the dimensions to save our dreams from the Monsters under the Bed, and their leader, the nefarious Boogeyman.

TeamD The Story Of A Girl And Her Teddy Bear

About The Team-D Project

Team-D is a comic book project that has been bubbling along in the background of the Teddy Bear Tales universe for a long time – long time readers have been witness to the evolution of this story.

Our hero, Dee, is based on my neighbor’s super-smart kids, squished into one fireball of a character, who it has been my honor and privilege to watch grow into amazing, young ladies. In part tribute to them, and an opportunity for me to tell a slightly different Teddy Bear Tale.  Duo, well, he is what I imagine what all old teddy bears eventually become… A little thread worn and grumpy.

Team-D will be a comic book project, which we are calling a One shot, a pilot tester if you like and will have:

  • 22 pages of full color action
  • Drawn by Ace Artist Veronica Smith
  • Written by Nick Davis
  • American comic book format

Team D The Story Of A Girl And Her Teddy Bear

Want To Help The Story Launch?

Team-D is seeking funding on IndieGoGo. This is an experiment for us, to see if we can use IndieGoGo to fund stories, while completing the Kickstarter obligations for the Awakenings stories. It will also help us to double up on our book production for the year and really breathe life into a slowly growing universe. Click the big pink button below to contribute to the Team-D campaign.

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