Have You Pre-Ordered A Teddy Bear Tales: Here Be Monsters Yet?

A Teddy Bear Tale: Here Be Monsters

The adventure continues for Tristan and Wilma. our two Cuddly Heroes have suddenly found themselves on the front-line of a 100 year plus war between Teddy Bear and the Monsters under the bed.

The Awakenings Saga continues with our two heroes having completed their training under the strict guidance of the old house Teddy Bear, Archer. As they head back to their child’s room, with Archer in tow, a strange, purple light is shining from it. Have the Monsters returned? Our band of ragtag cuddly toys are in a race against time to save their child from the Monsters under the bed, but are these Cuddly Defenders ready? The next acts of Awakenings begin.

Here Be Monsters combines Acts Three & Four into a huge 44 page action adventure comic book that will take our heroes deep into the realm of the Underbed and beyond as they desperately try to find away to stop the Monsters under the bed. You can pre-order this book today for $9.99 plus S/H today, and be one of the first to read the next chapter in the Awakenings adventure.

Teddy Bear Adventure Comic - Here Be Monsters

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