The Monsters Are Coming In A Teddy Bear Tale Act Three On Kickstarter

A Teddy Bear Tale Act Three - The Monsters Are Coming!
Our Cuddly Defenders are back in A Teddy Bear Tale – Act Three and this time something, big and evil is coming! Will our heroes be able to stop this big bad? Back our Kickstarter today to find out!

Our story begins as our two cuddly defenders, Tristan and Wilma, have completed their training under the strict guidance of the old house Teddy Bear, Archer. As they head back to their child’s room, a strange, purple light is shining from it. Have the Monsters returned? Something evil this way comes and the fate of their child’s wonder hangs in the balance. Are our Cuddly Defenders stitched for this confrontation?

The Teddy Bear Heroes Protecting Children From The Monsters Under The Bed

This kickstarter covers the production of the first run of this story as a comic book, and as backers you will be the first to own A Teddy Bear Tale Act Three and help the adventure continue!

  • 44+ pages of full color action
  • Drawn by Ace Teddyverse Artist Veronica Smith
  • American comic book format

The words of the book’s writer, Nick Davis, turned into English by editor Kat Roets, are brought to life by the artistic talents of Veronica Smith (Awakenings Act One & Two, The Long Tall Tail & Mr Button) as our Cuddly Defenders uncover a world of wonder and adventure with dark dangers lurking in the shadows.

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