The Teddy Bear Tale Continues In Awakenings Act Two

A Teddy Bear Tale - Act Two Adventure Comic Book

Remember in A Teddy Bear Tale – Awakenings Act One we left our heroes wondering who was the Teddy Bear who saved them from the Monsters under the bed. In Act Two our Cuddly Defenders finally catch up with the mysterious Teddy Bear and learn they have accidentally stepped into a larger centuries old conflict between Bogeyman, his Monsters and Teddy Bears.

Awakening Act Two - A Teddy Bear Tale Page One

Act Two is out now, and you can find out what happens next, will the Teddy Bear help our heroes? Will the Monsters return, what is the connection all the Cuddly Toys share, that will make this fight to save a child’s innocence, more desperate and personal. You can preview, and buy the book by click the link below.

View Awakenings Act Two

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