Six Timelapse Breakdowns Of Upcoming Convention Prints Drawn In Procreate

Higher Further Faster - Captain Marvel Powerpuff Girl MashupYes, we were away for from the comic con scene for an entire year, but here at Altworld Studios we are thinking how we can best use the convention season and what we can bring to these shows. After the jump you can view six (yep, 6) timelapse breakdowns of of the show prints we are thinking about bringing to a comic con near you.

Shazam – Teddy Bear Mashup

Lava Dragon

Jay & Silent Bob – Teddy Bear Mashup

Thor & Loki – Teddy Bear Mashup

Batbear & Robin – Teddy Bear Mashup

Captain Marvel – Chibi

This is only six of many illustrations both digital and traditional colored that we will be bringing to the comic con’s this year, you can view all the timelapse illustrations on Altworld Tube here. But, don’t worry we also will be fully stocked with Teddyverse books to! It has been a long year and we were not to sure if we would even return to the scene, so we look forward to seeing you out there!

Adventures ahead!

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