Journey Into Legoville

Journey Into The New Lego City - Legoville

Over the years I have collected the odd Lego kit, usually a Fire Engine, or something fun or cool from this building block system, my wife though has always been a bit of a Legohead (or is that Brickhead?), and normally she gets a kit for her birthday, or at Christmas. Now, with space in the basement, she wanted to put her collection together and build a Lego City, I’ve always found Lego to be a great distractions… So, I said,”sure, let’s make this happen.” And Legoville was born.

Of course I’ve not really took a deep dive into the Lego hobby for almost two decades and I was surprised by how it has changed, with resources on the internet for picking up past and present kits (not always Ebay), review sites, instruction archives and not to mention the insane amount of Lego clones now on the market. It has been a bit of an eye opener for me.

Journey Into The New Lego City - Legoville

We marshaled together our kits, picked up a lot of base-plates and laid out the Legoville. I was surprised by the amount of Lego we had, and we still have a few buildings, vehicles, and other pieces to place into the town! Legoville will be a multi-year project and while it will never be the size of Jangbricks or Dr McBricks cities, as we will never have those resources, it will be a fun, ever-changing journey to undertake… And frankly building Lego is very relaxing, almost zen – which means it’s good for my blood pressure 🙂

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