Drawing Outside Your Comfortzone – My Art Of 2018

Work In Progress Of Tristan The Defender Teddy Bear Using The Procreate App And Apple PencilAs the last days of 2018 tick away, it is time for my annual tradition of sharing my art of 2018, all the pieces I created throughout the year as I struggle with style, color, and the new medium of digital drawing in the Procreate App. What follows is another journey, this time via the art I created. Enjoy.













Sum It All Up

Another year gone, 126 pieces of art created and my year-long journey into digital art is complete, as an artist I’ve grown over the last year. There has been missteps, stumbles and a loss confidence along the way, but I picked myself up and kept going.  You never stop learning to draw and as I always tell those who seek advice from me, drawing is like a muscle – keep training, keep practicing and you will get stronger and stronger. I’m still on this road with much to learn and while I will always see myself as writer first. I am getting increasingly confident in my ability to convey a story with my art.

Thank you for hanging with me throughout 2018, we have an entire year ahead of us, which means one thing… Adventures ahead!

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