Drawing Outside Your Comfortzone – Inspired By Into The Spiderverse Miles Morales Spider-Man

Into The Spiderverse Inspired - Miles Morales Spider-manBefore I begin this Drawing Outside Your Episode blog, let me say this. You need to watch Into The Spiderverse, it really is like a comic book has exploded in your face and it is amazing! Everything you ever wanted from a comic book superhero movie is in this love letter to the industry. And this weeks illustration was inspired by this stunning movie.

The main character of this animated movie, is Miles Morales, the Spider-man from the Ultimate Universe and it is his origin story, helped along from a scattering of Spider-folk from other realities and a fantastic take on 616 Peter B. Parker. And the subject of my Drawing Outside The Comfortzone is Miles.

Miles was drawn in the Procreate App on an iPad Pro, using the Apple Pencil. I took all my older techniques of pencil, ink, color and threw them out. Drawing Spider-man, and painting directly over the pencil, before using various brushes to add texture and definition. The look, is well, something very different from what you expect from me. Inspired directly by the Spiderverse movie, this illustration is closest I’ve come to actually producing what I feel is a piece of art – as you can tell, I am quite proud.

The purpose of Drawing Outside Your Comfortzone, is just that, finding a way to challenge yourself, to push yourself to try something different and to learn from it. My digital art piece, Miles Morales, Spider-man is a perfect rendition of what this blog is all about. It is a leap of faith.

Now, get out there and create! Don’t be afraid to fall, because that teaches us how to get up again!


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