A Four Page Preview Of Team-D – the story of a girl and her teddy bear

Team-D the adventures of a girl and her teddy bearTeam-D is an adventure comic book following the adventures of Dee, a young girl, and her grumpy old Teddy Bear named Duo, and their little big adventure across the multi-realms of the Teddy Bear Universe. After the jump you can read a Five Page preview of this all-ages comic and find out how you can make this new book happen.

Team-D Preview

Team-D is drawn by Teddyverse artist Veronica Smith and is written by Nick Davis (me).

Team-D is a stretch-goal for the A Teddy Bear Tale Kickstarter project, and you can make this book happen, by helping A Teddy Bear Tale which its funding and help Team-D reach its goal. Enjoy the book, click the link below to visit A Teddy Bear Tale on Kickstarter.

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