Drawing Outside Your Comfortzone – Thirty One Days Of Inktober

Dee, Duo The Teddy Bear And The Dinosaur Inktober 2018The annual event of Inktober has passed, 31 days of October dedicated to the illustrative art of the black line, and this is my fourth year of taking part. However, this year I broke with tradition of using paper and pen, and used the Procreate App and Apple Pencil – still working within the guidelines of keeping everything black line. Are you curious to see how  did? Find out after the jump.

31 Days Of Inktober 2018

All illustrations have been created in Procreate on an iPad Pro using an Apple Pencil – the illustration area was set to 6″ x 4″.

Inktober Color Gallery

Using the Procreate App, I took the opportunity to color several of my inktober sketches, it is good practice as I continue to explore how to digital color.

The Utter Importance Of Creating

October was a tough month for me, I had hit a creative down low, the Kickstarter had failed, I couldn’t get me words to flow and illustration wise my drive had just dried up. You can see that in the beginning of my Inktober this year, you can see my struggling to get the lines out and it shows. But also as the month goes on you see a change, the lines flow, the pose is less awkward, a flow returns to the process as I remember why I draw, I write, I create… The joy is back.

Many years ago, I was up against the wall, I lost my state job, the USCIS where looking to deport me because they refused to convert my status as my wife was divorcing me. At that time I picked up a pencil and started to draw, through the power of art I pulled myself out of depression, it enabled me to pull my life back together.

I started to write, draw, A Teddy Bear Tales and Altworld Studios was born and life started an upswing. The utter importance of creating is it lights you up, it moves you forward, it lifts you up.


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