Writing Without Fear – Tag Your It A Teddy Bear Tale Synopsis

Tom Tom The Teddy Bear Fighter With Wooden Sword And ShieldOver the last couple of years I have written many mini-synopsis and then put them into my archive to look at later, sometimes adapt, many times to pillage for a new story I am working on. These story summaries are very important in getting a story out of my head and onto the page before they are lost and I urge anyone who writes to do this. Tag Your It is one such synopsis, an idea for an illustrated Teddy Bear Tale. That may, or may not be written sometime in the future. The story begins after the jump.

Tag Your It – A Teddy Bear Tale Synopsis

The Cuddly Defenders fight the Monsters from the Purple Lagoon (a many tentacled thing) who has broken through the Barrier separating Realm of Wonder from the Land Of Lost Night. The Defenders are fighting around a lake, that water has been turned purple by the Monster. Archer is dragged into the water, and is rescued by Tristan – Archer emerges coughing as he has swallowed some of the water. Wilma and Fernando use the Golden Goose to drive the Monster back behind the Barrier wall by leaving a trail of Marshmallows for it to follow. Leaving the Teddy Bear Guard to seal the gap with a new piece of extra-strong cardboard, and double-sided sticky tape for speed, they leave for Safe Harbor.

Archer is feeling okay, just a little sick from swallowing the water and once the Defenders arrive in Safe Harbor they go their separate ways to run errands. Archer takes part in a Tag game, during the game he doubles up coughing, and then turns into a Meanie (purple) tagging his players, and the opposite team who all turn purple, who then turn the spectators. Soon all the Teddy Bears of Safe Harbor are being turned and gather around the Tower of Wonder, which is defended by the remaining few Teddy Bear Guard, Captain Olaf and the Cuddly Defenders.

Up in a Lab, Fernando is working with Magic O’Hare to find a cure, the barricades fall and the remaining Defenders are tagged (turning purple). Wilma races ahead of the Meanies and warns Fernando and Magic O’Hare. The Hare declares he can cast a magic barrier that will stop the Meanies long enough to find a cure.

Magic casts the barrier, but has to stay close by to keep it up leaving Fernando to find a cure. The Mouse Lion figures out that the cure to meanness is happiness, and distills tears of joy from Towers Reservoir into a small water pistol (big tap in the lab called Tears of joy), he just needs to test it. Little does he know that Wilma was half-tagged as she went to warn them and she turns mean tagging Magic.

The magical barrier falls and Fernando barricades himself into the Lab, but the door isn’t strong enough and it breaks. Some of meanies rush in led by Wilma, Fernando squirts her with the water pistol and she begins to change, but not before she tags Fernando. The little Mouse Lion see’s the change in his beloved and changes into Fernando the Lion, whose last act before turning mean is to break the joy of tears water pipe, soaking the meanies in the room, and causing a flood of joy to rush out of the Tower curing all the Meanies.

Life in Safe Harbor returns to normal and Magic congratulates Fernando on saving them, but also warns that it used up their supply of tears of joy leaving the realm with one less defense against the growing darkness.

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