Teddy Bear v Monster in Awakenings Act Two, An Action Comedy Adventure Comic Book On Kickstarter

Teddy Bears v Monsters, in Awakenings Act Two an action comedy adventure for all the family

For your consideration on Kickstarter, we have launched Awakenings Act Two the second part of the Awakenings story. This is a new Teddy Bear Tale about Tristan the Teddy Bear as he encounters the Monsters under the bed for the very first time.

Following on from Awakenings Act One, this new installment follows our two cuddly defender heroes Tristan and Wilma Bunny as they hunt down the mysterious Teddy Bear that saved them from their first encounter with the Monsters, and they start to uncover answers why the Boogeyman is after their child.

I am joined again by the creative talents of Veronica Smith (Awakenings Act One, The Long Tall Tail & Mr Button) as we stumble more into a world of wonder, adventure and deep dark dangers lurking in the shadows. Please help make it happen by backing this Kickstarter by clicking the button below.

Awakenings Act Two, An Action Comedy Kickstarter Comic Book

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