How A Silly Story About A Teddy Bear Helped A Child Face Cancer

NathanielIn 2012 I wrote a silly story about a Teddy Bear who defended his child against the Monsters under the bed. I called it A Teddy Bear Tale and had the story illustrated by local Maryland Artist Dan Nokes

The story never really sold a lot, but it did manage to touch some lives. I heard stories from parents how the book helped their child sleep with the lights off, or how Tristan, or one of his fellow Cuddly Defenders helped their child get over their general anxiety. Today, from his Mother I learned the bitter-sweet story of Natheniel.

In 2013 Nathaniel turned nine years old, like every kid his age he was rambunctious, full of energy and life. He also had a favorite cuddly toy, an Orca (God Of The Sea) that he slept with every night. Sadly, also in 2013 he was diagnosed with cancer and lost part of his right arm to the disease.

His father found a picture of Tristan the Teddy Bear defending his child from the Monsters under the bed online, he brought the book and it soon became a family favorite, giving Nathaniel the peace and courage he needed, and with his Orca watching over him, he slept better at night.

Unfortunately, the cancer was too much for his young body and Nathaniel passed away on Christmas Eve of that year, of which I send my deepest condolences.

His Mother wanted to let me know the joy my silly story gave him, how it helped him and the memories it gave them as a family as it was read to him. I don’t know what to really say to that, except thank you.

They recently brought the story again to share with their Daughter and re-live the memories it gave them. I am truly humbled by their story, and very happy it brought them joy at a very dark time.

Thank you for sharing your story with me, thank you for letting me share it with everyone else.


Special Announcement

Any purchase of A Teddy Bear Tales until the end of September 2018, all Author royalties will be donated to Children’s Bone Cancer Research in remembrance of Nathaniel. Please click the cover to get started.

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