We Are Creating Teddy Bear Action Figures On Kickstarter

Update – Due to issues with the supplier I have been left with no choice, but to cancel this Kickstarter- my apologies.

Yes, you read that right, we are creating Teddy Bear Action Figures on Kickstarter and you can help make this happen! If you’ve been following my ‘Project Weekend’ postings on social media you will know I’ve been sculpting the Cuddly Defenders out of sculpey, the Kickstarter to turn our heroes into Action Figures has been inspired by this creative project!

Creating Teddy Bear Action Figures On Kickstarter

The Teddy Bear Action Figure will be based off Tristan the Defender Teddy Bear and will be five inches high, with five points of articulation controlled by a ball and socket joint. The sculpey ‘Project Weekend’ posts inspired me to see if it was possible to make an action figure to the same quality of the toys we all own, and after a lot of research, two dozen emails, a very long negotiation, and a day of cajoling from the wife I put together a very ambitious Kickstarter – too be frank I’ve never done anything this big before!


The entire cost of the Kickstarter goes towards a singular purpose to get a Teddy Bear Action Figure manufactured, and hopefully in the Kickstarter Backers hands by December 2018. The plans have been laid, we just need the funds and this is were you come in.

So what say you? Are you ready to launch a brand new toy line that is designed to protect the Toy Box from the Monsters under the bed? Then please back the Kickstarter today, and share it with all your friends. We have a big goal, but lets take a swing at it!

And maybe… maybe if we crush the primary goal we might be able to stretch to see the entire team of Cuddly Defenders made into Action Figures! Now wouldn’t that be a thing to see?

Click To Create Teddy Bear Action Figures On Kickstarter

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