Introducing Dee & Duo Your New Teddyverse Heroes

Dee & Duo - A Child And Her Teddy Bear Heroes Go To BedIntroducing to you Dee & Duo, new Teddy Bear Verse heroes that are coming to the Teddy Bear Tales series very, very soon. Dee of course is the precocious young girl, super-smart and an insatiable urge to explore, Duo is her long-suffering Teddy Bear who is forever trying to keep her out of trouble.

Dee is the first child to discover (although quite accidentally) the long going battle against the dark that Teddy Bears have fought for over 100 years. Together these new heroes are going to have a series of little big adventures, thwarting the plans of the Monsters under the bed, and exploring new worlds, new dimensions. meeting new friends and I hope y’all come along for the ride.  The aim is to start this story late Summer 2018, enjoy the gallery below and watch for new announcements.


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