Hero Ted Returns To Webtoons

Hero Ted - The Superhero Teddy Bear All-Ages ComicTeddy Bear Action Comics has been updated on Webtoons with a brand new Hero Ted comic strip, you can view this fun all-ages superhero adventure be clicking here.

This brand new adventure has Hero Ted encounter the Night Flower who wants to take over the city park with himself, and our heroic Teddy Bear has to find away to stop this very angry flower. I wont giveaway the story as you can read for free online on Webtoons.

Hero Ted - The Teddy Bear SuperheroHero Ted And The Night Flower is the first webcomic I have drawn that is completely digital, all artwork and layout was completed using an iPad with the Procreate App for art, and Pow Comic Creator used for layout – marking a new and exciting direction for Altworld Studios, and for myself as a creator.

It’s a whole new age… Enjoy the adventure!

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