Two Free All-Ages Adventure Comics For Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day Free Comic Book Download GiveawayFree Comic Book Day is just around the corner and to celebrate this celebration of all things comic book, I am releasing TWO all-ages adventure comics for you to read for the next five days.

Awakenings: A Teddy Bear Tale, and the anthology adventure book Out Of The Attic, are available to download on Amazon, and if you have the Kindle, or the Kindle App you can grab them by clicking the links below.

Awakenings: A Teddy Bear Tale Free Comic Book Day Download Out Of The Attic - Free Comic Book Day Download

Hurry you, only have to May 7 to grab these books!!!

And if you want to meet me on Free Comic Book Day, you can find me at Collectors Corner Bel-Air for all things Teddy Bear, comics, sketch cards, original art and much, much more!

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