Drawing Outside Your Comfortzone: A Digital Art Procreate Video

Dee & Due - A Teddy Bear And His Girl (Cuddly Agents)If you have been following my Drawing Outside Your Comfortzone posts, you will know I have transitioned from paper to full digital art, using an Apple Pencil and the versatile Procreate App, I am certainly on an adventure.

Digital Playback

I have learned that Procreate can record your drawing progress, and I thought it would be fun to show one of these processes using my latest Teddyverse characters Dee & Duo.

Two things I noticed about the playback, it is a little bouncy, and jumps frames when you export. I lost most of the initial pencil and part of the inking (black line) process. So, above is what I have managed to stitch together. I hope it gives an insight into my unique drawing process and I hope to bring you more of these, like an entire Hero Ted page in the future.

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