Surviving The 2017 Ride Around The Sun: A Retrospective

What Does The Fox Say?Did you know we fly through space on Starship Earth at an average orbital speed of about 30 kilometers per second (67,000 miles per hour), if you think of it that way we should all be sitting in crash couches and safely buckled in. And considering the rough ride 2017 was, it sure felt like we all got roughed up. 

The Truth Of It

I don’t think I am alone saying this, but 2017 was rough on us and many other people I know, nothing to do with the horrifying political situation, although the Daily Trump Damage Report, is wearing on the most patient of folk and you can’t help, but think, we are one fools impulsive moment, from the world as we know ending. Though, lets not dwell on that, eh?

Pretty much all the plans I made for publishing and writing this year went south, and it isn’t a secret I spent most of 2017 fighting a horrendous legal fight, that really had me considering my entire future here in the USA. It hasn’t really gone away either. Certainly is not a nice feeling, when you are getting stepped on, just because they can.

Generally though, 2017 on all levels possible has been a rough ride, I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been kicked in the ass by this year.

The Good Of It

There has been some high points, I have finally evolved my style of drawing to the point that I am really happy with the end product. Got my family to another vacation (yay!), got my eldest through High School, got the Tether Saga books moving in the right direction, did some Lyft driving to some hilarious results, which helped my kid through High School and got him his car, managed to expand my job responsibilities at work and still turning in impressive traffic numbers on the website, my writing ability has expanded too, although I still have a long, long way to go before it is where it should be.

Learned a little bit of Karate and broke my knee in the process (kinda saw that coming though), reconnected with the joy of board games and I still have my family, the dog still likes me, Top Gear came back as The Grand Tour (so that was a good), and I found my confidence in storytelling, which is good. Dressed as Hellboy (always a favorite) and walked around as a Fox (it was an odd year)

In all the good does outweigh the bad, the few conventions we attended this year (and they’re were very few), I enjoyed on a more personal level, which made up for the glaring lack of financial success that these weekends away have become. I measure of peace some would say, has come my way.

The End Of It

As come to the end of it, I look to 2018, things are going to change this year I can feel it in my bones, I have a plan and hardware to now move from traditional art to full digital, and something resembling blueprint of where I want to go next with my storytelling is taking shape. My eldest is joining the Coast Guard, and I find comfort that I got one of my kids launched.

I was once told that years that are odd numbers are rough years and 2017 certainly lived up that saying, and while the last days of the year countdown, I will leave you all this thought.

There cannot be light without darkness and I have hope.

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