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The Tether: Except OneThe Tether Saga, follows the adventures of Sarah Taylor, who by accident has been gifted with a supernatural device that has pulled her into a twisted reality bubbling just under the surface of our own. Set on the streets of Baltimore, the Tether takes you on a helter-skelter roller-coaster ride into a twisted paranormal adventure that will have you watching the shadows…. And Except One, book two continues the journey as Sarah desperately searches for a way to separate herself from the Tether and have her life return to normal.

The Tether: Except OneThe Tether: Except One
By Nick Davis & Katrina Roets

A monster is on the rampage, a bond of trust is shattered and headless corpses turn up on the streets of Baltimore.

It has been two months since Sarah defeated the Dark, and she just wants everything to return to normal and enjoy her last year of High School. Normal though, is not the life of a Tether Keeper: even one as reluctant as Sarah.

Persuaded by CT to help in an investigation that shatters their friendship. Sarah once again finds herself alone and completely out of her depth. Lulled by the seemingly benign leadership of the Vigilie, she turns to the Custodiet for help.

Meanwhile, a creature of the night long thought extinct comes to Baltimore, and rumors of vampires fill the city with fear as the streets wash with blood.

Except One, the second book in the Tether Saga by Nick Davis and Katrina Roets continues the adventures of Sarah Taylor as she tries to survive a perilous dark supernatural world, that exists just in the shadows of our own.

Available on Amazon in print ($9.99) and on the Kindle ($3.99)

The Tether

Something evil is stalking the streets of Baltimore, our only hope is the new Keeper of the Tether – Sarah Taylor. The only problem, she doesn’t want it and her only guide to this new world she has stumbled into is CT, the Grandson of the original Keeper, who really wants the Tether back with his family and Sarah is quite happy to give it back – if the Tether actually lets her. Learn More About The Tether Here>>

About The Authors

Nick Davis is an Englishman currently living on the East Coast of the USA not too far removed from Charm City (aka Baltimore). He is a former White Dwarf feature writer, now freelance content writer and fully employed Web Designer. He is married to a very patient Irish American Lady, and has four children. When Nick is not working, running errands, playing with his kids, or burrowing through an ever-growing list of ongoing house ‘projects’, he can be found plodding away on a keyboard, exploring the worlds of his imagination that takes our reality and twists it around just a couple of degrees.

Katrina Roets has spent her entire life dreaming of writing something that people might read. When she wasn’t busy dreaming, she was spending her time raising two amazing boys as a single mom. Now that they’re nearly grown, this Michigan grown girl is reclaiming herself and finding her words again. You know, in between running them everywhere, helping them with homework, teaching them life skills, and all that good mom stuff

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