It Shouldn’t Happen To A Lyft Driver – Some Questions Answered

Everything Is So Pink In LyftWelcome back to another installment of ‘It Shouldn’t Happen To A Lyft Driver’, as I collect my notes together I have realized not all my interesting adventures Lyft Driving really make for long stories. So, in this installment I am going to answer the Top 10 most popular questions I got during my time driving.

Your Top 10 Questions Answered In No Particular Order

1. Q: Why are you driving a Lyft here if you don’t know the area?

A: This is a direct reference on a Lyft Drivers reliance on GPS navigation. First off as a Lyft Driver you have very little control over your destination and where you will end up after dropping off a Pax (passenger). Because of this there is a good chance we don’t know the area we are picking you up in that well. This was me for the first month of running Lyft I honestly didn’t know where I was going, or where half the destinations were, or some of the road patterns.

I may have lived in the Baltimore area for over sixteen years, and I do know most of the main ways in and out, some short cuts and side roads, but I don’t know every road, house, bar, club, or where Billy lives etc… The GPS is often our only way of finding where you are at and how to get you were you want to go, with over a thousand streets and many more houses I don’t know where you live… Sorry… I ain’t got the knowledge, I barely can remember my kids names, let alone your house!

2. Q: Your GPS is taking you the long way, are you doing this to charge me more?

A: My normal answer to this is, it is? And I am sorry, I am going the quickest route my GPS has mapped out for me. I will happily take any direction pointers you want to make.

I am genuinely trying to get you there the quickest way I know (remember chances are I don’t know the area). It isn’t a grand conspiracy to take your money, and I will happily take direction from you if you feel we are going the wrong way. However, I have found your directions are often the long way around, so thank you for the extra dollar 😉

3. Q: Why can’t you find me?

A: Because frankly the Lyft App sucks at giving the driver the location of their Pax.

There have been too many times I’ve turned up at the exact address and the Pax’s have come out of another house across the road. Or the Pax is on the opposite street corner or bar to what the app says, and in apartment complexes forget about it – it is like a needle in a haystack.

The App stinks, it really does, it is miracle we Lyft drivers get any Pax at all and in a dense urban environment at best the app will put me within 15 yards of you.

It ain’t me, it really ain’t…

4. Q: Can I play my music in your car?

A: When you step into my car I normally have a Pandora station on and have selected the most inoffensive music mix I can find. At the time I stopped Lyft driving it was an Electric Light Orchestra mix that played all those in vogue songs you heard in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Thankfully one of the not so common requests I got was ‘can I play my music, where is your Aux cable’. I deliberately never plugged in an Aux cable because I decided unless absolutely requested I would not make this feature available, screw the possibility of an extra $1 tip. And thankfully out of my 667 rides I only had to listen to Pax rider music playing three times and it has turned out to be the best experience ever… NOT!

Every time a Pax plays music in my car it has been very disturbing gangster rap or headache inducing rave music (which is the worse cause we normally get that late, late at night when I am already tired).

I don’t enjoy listening to your music, I actually start secretly loathing you for it, especially if you change songs every five seconds and it is a full aural invasion of my space. And what makes it worse? You are playing this loud obnoxious music and shouting a conversation with your buddies.

All the while I am driving you listening to the tunes you inflicting upon me, I am thinking I just want to treat you like my kids, and turn off the noise and make you sit quietly in the back.

Sorry, not sorry the truth had to be told.

5. Q: Have you had sing-a-longs?


One drive from Comcast Corporate Office I sang along with the Pax to Bonjovi (Dead or Alive), three drives in the Canton area the PAX’s and me have sung (and jazz’ handed) to Don’t Stop Believing and It’s Magic. It happens, it is fun, as a Lyft Driver I get very bored so I welcome the distraction… And no, I am never going to Live Stream it.

6. Q: Do you get regulars?

A:The algorithms in the Lyft App are supposed to prevent you picking me up as a Driver more than once, however during my short Lyft Career (although it was longer that some) I mainly worked in the Canton/Fells area, it was a short hop from my house and put me into a high demand neighborhood. I started getting repeat customers, helped by the fact I was English (making me a memorable driver), I got fun snapshots of folks lives. Including what a local chief was planning in next weeks menu, when a certain girl is going out on a date or with her friends, which bar a certain gaggle of girls likes to go to on a Thursday night and a regular comic book movie talk with a surprisingly nerdy chap who is also a MMA fighter.

7. Q: Have you ever been frightened about a pick-up

A: Yes, I get very uncomfortable conducting pick-ups in certain parts of the city, but this is a story for another time and will be my last entry in my Lyft Driver series.

8. Q: Have you ever been hit on?

A: Now, I am in my forties, with an accent some girls (and guys) like, I do have a quick wit and dimples (according to the wife). I would be lying if I said I never got hit on, because I have by half-a-dozen girls (one story I will keep for another time) and one guy.

I have been continually told I look younger than I am (must be the bad lighting and beard) and have had phone numbers given to me, and in one case hidden in my glove box. Have I ever acted on any of this? Nope… I am too old, but if I was the dawg I was in my twenties Lyft would afford me the opportunity to misbehave… a lot!

9: Q: Did you enjoy Lyft?

A: Largely driving for Lyft was fun, there was moments it dragged, two moments where it terrified me, and moments when it has been amazing and you met great folk as they go about their lives. Plus it helped me out of a bad spot and helped support my son when others refused not too.

10: Q: What are you doing in Baltimore?

A: What am I doing in Baltimore? Driving you of course…

Number one common question is what is an Englishman doing in Baltimore. It is simple, I met my wife over the Internets many, many moons ago, we exchanged email (I am the original you got mail story) and then phone calls, and finally met in person, and I decided to make the jump to the USA. I know, it ain’t the most exciting story, but you did ask, and yes it is most likely my fault Tinder is a thing after proving internet dating does work.

Hope you enjoyed my top 10 questions asked, I promise I will return with more stories in the near future. Please leave you comments below and let your friends know all about this blog, after all chances are I might have been your Lyft Driver.

Be nice to your Driver now!


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