Drawing Outside Your Comfortzone: Thirty One Days Of Inktober

My Inktober Collection For Inktober 2017It happens once a year, artists gather on the interwebs and take part in a drawing event that runs for the entire month of October – this event is Inktober and 2017 marks my fourth year of taking part in this celebration of the basic form of ink art.

It Could Be You

In reality you don’t need to be a trained artist, all you need is the urge to draw, paper (or digital screen) and an ink pen (or stylus). It isn’t a competition, except against yourself, there isn’t any prize apart from the knowledge you completed the challenge and have 31 ink (or digital) art pieces at the end of the month. It really is a laid back event, that is more about getting you into the habit of drawing every night, than anything else. The most inclusive event as any you will find interwebs.

Here Are My Inkings

The last thirty-one days I have drawn the matching amount of inkings on Sketchcards, some feature Powerpuff/Teddy Bear Mashups, but the majority feature the original characters from the Teddy Bear Tales Teddy Verse. You can view my inktober gallery below.

As you can several of the inkings have been colored, keeping with the traditional of Inktober I used water blended inktense pencils.

It Is All About Getting Stronger

As I mentioned Inktober is a competition you really play against yourself, as you travel through the month your art gets tighter, and like working out your get stronger, more creative, bolder until you realize it you’ve flown past that thirty-one day mark with some unique art pieces under your belt… Onwards!

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