A Once Upon A Time Ghost Story With The NEW Wonder Tale – A Lost Letter

The Lost Letter - A Once Upon A Time Ghost StoryThe Wonder Tales are once upon a time fantasy stories based off the folklore and legends of Eastern Europe and Japan. The latest Princess Archer Wonder Tale: A Lost Letter is a ghost story released just in time to entertain the family for Halloween. In this story the Princess Archer Gwendolyn must uncover a binding secret about a long lost love.

The Wonder Tales: The Lost Letter - A Once Upon A Time Ghost Story on Amazon KindleThe Lost Letter

The adventures of the Princess Archer Gwendolyn and her companions Kurt the Wolf Boy, Will’O Wisp and Tobisum the Inch High Samurai as she searches for the door of Baba Yagas House and away home from the Land Of The Sun.

After the events of the Golden Comb and Tobisum’s betrayal – Gwendolyn and Kurt find themselves alone in the Land Of The Sun and are now desperately searching for the Golden Bee’s Of Tobisum’s old liege Lord Sanjo.

On the advice of the Panda Ninjas they have traveled south and come across a small village. In need of food Gwendolyn takes a risk to buy her supplies from the local storekeepers. None of them would serve her accept a strange old man who needs the her help in uncovering a secret. The Princess Archer agrees and the adventure leads to a tumble down haunted house and a surprise revelation.

The Lost Letter is a story of love, hope, and hidden secrets and is a ghostly once upon a time wonder tale for all the family, available only on the Kindle.

The Wonder Tales Returns

The Lost Letter is book nine in the Wonder Tale series, and The Lost Letter marks a return to the fantasy realm of the Ninth Kingdom. After the shocking events of the Golden Comb we left Gwendolyn and her companions in limbo in the Land Of The Sun, but now it is time for the adventure to continue. Regular readers will notice a tone difference in this new story as we move away from the narrative style of traditional fairy tales, and to a story that will uniquely be the Princess Archers in its telling. Learn more about The Wonder Tales Here

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