Drawing Outside Your Comfortzone: The EMA Family Karate Mascots

EMA Family Karate Mascots; Tiger, Shark, Panda & PantherDrawing Outside Your Comfortzone is all about taking on projects or ideas that stretch my drawing abilities and take me in a different direction. In this installment I take on a series of Animal Mascots for EMA Family Karate, a local Dojo and Gym that my family are members of.

The Sensi, came up with a series of Animal Mascots to help recruitment for the Dojo, they offer a surprisingly good and comprehensive Karate classes. I cannot highly recommend this Dojo enough, there are really everything you are looking for if you want to keep your family fit.

The Mascots are part of that drive, and are costumes worn at school recruiting events and local fairs, the characters are a Panda, Tiger, Panther and Shark. Being a practicing artist and seeing an opportunity to stretch my skills and help the Dojo out I volunteered to turn them into avatars, or cartoon characters for the Dojo to make great publicity use of. All Karate Mascots are colored in water blended inktense pencils on Bristol paper.


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