Patriotism Does Not Have A Gender

Patriotism Does Not Have A Gender

I have been quiet here too long and this isn’t the way I planned to return to my blog. But the latest Tweet from President Trump has got me riled, you know that tweet about banning Transgender folk from the Military just because… So, fair warning, there is going to be a rant after the jump.

Here is little known fact about me: I tried to enlist twice – once in the UK and once in the USA. Both times I failed my physical because my knees are so screwed up I could not pass. The will was there, just the body would not hold me up.

The will to serve the willingness to put oneself in harm’s way to preserve the body populace freedoms and rights is mighty. Those who have made the mental leap to make this sacrifice are all heroes.

To quote Ex-VP Joe Biden ‘Every Patriotic American who is qualified to serve in the Military should be able to server. Full Stop’

Ain’t that hard a concept to get your head around is it?

Regardless of race, color, creed, religion, sexuality or gender all that soldier on the line cares about is the person next to them going to protect them, and because this person volunteered to be in the same hell as them, they know that person will.

Courage and Patriotism is not defined by ones gender, but by ones will to serve, to stand against injustice and to protect those who cannot protect themselves. It is a simple as that and to disregard this, destroys all the achievements, all the sacrifices made by all who have served regardless of their orientation. In short it makes the folk who rail against gender/sexuality differences saying that can’t serve very small indeed.

I am personally disgusted by ‘banning transgender from serving in the Military’ tweet from a ‘man’ who has only ever served himself.

Thank you to all who have served in the armed services for your sacrifices, stand tall and proud, Heroes all.

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