Drawing Outside Your Comfortzone – A Wonder Woman

She Is A Wonder WomanIt has been a long time since I last posted a Drawing Outside Your Comfortzone blog, this semi-irregular series chronicles my evolution of drawing style, as I attempt to breathe new life into the abilities I had with a pencil over twenty years ago and draw my way out. Along the way we’ve seen me have a go at PowerPuff Girls and Steven Universe as learn a different style.

These styles get adsorbed into my own and the result I found a Teddy Bear drawing style that clicked and worked, the first results you could view during Inktober 2016 And finally… It has all come full circle at my first real attempt at human form, something I’ve always struggled with before I even picked up a pencil again back in 2012.

Wonder Woman Pencil

Wonder Woman – The Pencil!

I figured I could never really draw in the classical sense, so why not exaggerated and get a little abstract, in the same way I do for my Teddy Bear sketch cards. So, I took the chunky style I had been developing, added a more angular anime look and channeled my inner Bruce Timm, looked up a bunch of reference material and had a go at a trending superhero at the moment, here is my interpretation of Wonder Woman, whadda ya think?

Wonder Woman

And to think, I just draw Teddy Bears, eh? Finished with blended inktense Derwent Pencils, lined with black pitt pen ink on bristol paper.

As you tell, I am quite proud

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