The 2017 Alt World Studios Publishing Wish List

Welcome To Alt World StudiosHello Everybody Peeps, we are in the final weeks of 2016 and it is time to look ahead at the wish list of books I would like to publish in 2017 and what we actually got done in 2016, so after the jump lets take a look at what is done, what we want to do, and where we are going with Alt World Studios in 2017.

What We Wanted To Do

I started 2016 with a boat load of ambition, optimism and a to do list that seemed, well… To do able, here is the list below.

The Alt World Publishing Wish List For 2016

  • Cuddly Defenders Comic: Out Of the Attic 3
  • Cuddly Defenders Comic: Out Of The Attic 4
  • Cuddly Defenders Graphic Novel: Out Of The Attic
  • Cuddly Defenders Graphic Novel: Big Time Heroes (starring Forrest & Scout)
  • Adventures Of Hero Ted Comic Book
  • The Cuddly Ninjas Short Book
  • Mr Button The Teddy Bear One-Shot Comic
  • Imagination Adventure Web Comic: Tristan the Teddy Bear Goes Under The Sea
  • Teddy Bear Tales Christmas Book: Herby The Snowman (and the strange snow day)
  • The Wonder Tales Vol Three (The Princess Archer Saga continues)

Sadly the year had other things on its mind, a web design contract fell through that would have powered the publishing list, a really bad show almost sank the cash flow I had available to Alt World Studios, and my wife’s health significantly declined. All contributing factors, that led to a significant trimming of the list, but a better understanding on how to present what Alt World Studios produces. In short I was ambitious, but rubbish. This is what we actually got published.

Hero Ted, the Superhero Teddy Bear Comic BookThe Alt World Published List For 2016

  • Adventures Of Hero Ted Comic Book
  • Mr Button The Teddy Bear One-Shot Comic
  • A Teddy Bear Tale Webtoon
  • BAD Troopers Webtoon

Ouch, eh? But… Lessons learned all the way here, my personal art got better, I am starting to be recognized at conventions, Collectors Corner a local comic book store has been really kind to me and given my further exposure for my work. This all contributes to a solid base to build from into 2017.

Tristan The Teddy Bear Wilma Bunny And the Tiny Teds Sketch Card Mr Button The Teddy BearDetective Sam Stuffings

What I Want To Do

With a foundation built, here is what I want to do in 2017, and I hope you like what you see.

The Proposed Alt World Publishing Wish List For 2017

  • Cuddly Defenders Comic: Out Of the Attic 3 (to finish the mini-series)
  • Cuddly Defenders Graphic Novel: Out Of The Attic
  • Cuddly Defenders Graphic Novel: Big Time Heroes (starring Forrest & Scout)
  • The Teddy Bear Adventures (Hero Ted & Cuddly Ninja Comic Book)
  • A Teddy Bear Tale Manga and Webtoon
  • Mr Button The Teddy Bear One-Shot Comic Part Two
  • Teddy Bear Tales Illustrated Collected Works: Unconditional, Faithful and Friends
  • Teddy Bear Tales Illustrated Story Book: Peril On Ice Mountain
  • The Tether Saga

Ambitious, much?

I still believe it is important to swing for the fences and the 2017 list reflects this ambition and while the list is no shorter than what I wanted to do, we are much closer to being able to get to target of completing this list than you think. Let’s break it down.

Out Of The Attic – issue three is the final issue that will complete the mini-series of Teddy Bear Tale based anthology stories. I am hoping to make this a 2017 spring release project so I can combine all the books into 100+ page graphic novel for Fall 2017. The tools are there, the artists are ready to go and it is time to finish this story. Learn more about Out Of The Attic here.

Big Time Heroes – will be a collected work of the Forrest & Scout stories from Out Of The Attic and will also have one more bonus story to make this a fun and quirky graphic novel featuring the dynamic heroes who are out to recapture their kids lost toys. Hope to see it out by Fall 2017

Teddy Bear Ninja Comic Book PageThe Teddy Bear Adventures – featuring Hero Ted, the Cuddly Ninjas and Wunder Bunny. I am the sole creator of this project and I hope to have this all ready for Spring 2017. The plan is to make this a 48 page graphic novel, in the same all-ages early reader format that Hero Ted: Origins is. You can learn more about Hero Ted here.

A Teddy Bear Tale WebtoonA Teddy Bear Tale Manga & Webtoon – this manga is taking the traditional illustrated Teddy Bear Tale story and tilting it directly on its head, with a very different take on Tristan and Wilma, as they protect their children from the Boogeyman and his Monsters under the bed. This is actually being published right now on Webtoons, the first manga collection will be available in Spring 2017. You can read the webtoon here.

Mr Button The Teddy Bear Chasing The Tooth Fairy by Veronica SmithMr Button The Teddy Bear One-Shot Comic Part Two – believe it or not there is a plan to continue the story of Mr Button, his rampage through our Childhood legends haven’t finished yet, he still has to take down the Toof Fairy, the Easter Bunny and the Santa Klaus. Will this revenge filled Teddy Bear complete his vengeance and will we ever find out what set him off? It is my hope to get a second book done sometime in 2017, this very much depends on cash flow. So keep your fingers crossed. Learn more about Mr Button here.

Teddy Bear Tales Illustrated Collected Works: Unconditional, Faithful and Friends – this is done, and is one of the changes going into 2017, illustrated story Faithful and Friends are going out of print, and will be combined with Unconditional into one mega-Teddy Bear powered adventure book. One of the feed backs I got from fans, is fewer books, more collections. This collected works is a step in that direction, it is an amazing book with over 100 pages of comic book and illustrated adventure. You can buy the collections on Amazon here.

Teddy Bear Football Tag Match

Peril On Ice Mountain – We started this project in 2016, various factors, like funds, artist illness and generally life got in the way. I dearly would like to finish this illustrated story in 2017, fingers crossed we launch this time!

The Tether Saga – I have teamed up with Katrina Roets to rewrite the Tether Saga – the story about the reluctant Tether Keeper Sarah Taylor and her journey into a reality not to different to our own, just with a danger lurking in the very shadows. The story was lacking in areas that Katrina can pick up on and bring more story, to the story. The first book is almost been rewritten and is slated for an Easter 2017 release, book two wont be far behind that and the trilogy should be all done by the end of 2017.

Of course along the way I have a couple of secret squirrel projects and hopefully well received surprises that I can’t talk about yet. So, thank you for reading my 2017 publishing wish list and keep supporting Alt World Studios by buying out work. Adventures ahead!

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