End Goal Unlocked Weight Target Achieved… Go Me!

My I made it to 220 selfie... Reclaiming Me! Hello Everybody, it has been a while since I’ve talked about my Daily10 exercise regime and on the first anniversary I want to share with you some good news I’ve hit my target goal of 220lbs (the weight I was when I first entered the USA)… Yay!

I did this all through a steady 2000 – 2500 calorie diet and basically walking, nothing fancy, nothing revolutionary, just a steady progress to an achievable goal without taking away the joy of food (although soda disappeared completely). Low impact cardio and sensible eating really does work, yo! Plus I got to stay away from the hated gym.

Now all I need to do is tighten everything up a little bit, something about planking? and just keep moving, eat right and maintain my now slightly healthier Dad Bod. Thank y’all for listening! Hope you are having the success you want too!


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