A Teddy Bear Tale Awakenings Goes Live On Webtoon

Awakenings - A Teddy Bear WebtoonsTa da! I would like to introduce to you all my brand new webcomic ‘A Teddy Bear Tale – Awakenings’ Live on the Webtoon. A comic book adaptation of the Teddy Bear Tale Illustrated Story Book, this never seen before story is set to publish weekly as we explore the new adventures of Tristan the Teddy Bear. View The Webtoon Here

Teddy Bear Web ComicAwakenings has been quietly bubbling along behind the scenes here at Alt World Studios, written by me and drawn by Veronica Smith (Mr Button and Long Tall Tail fame), the story is in its early stages, but it is a retelling of a classic story that sheds brand new light on Tristan, his boy and their relationship. Also if you like what you see please back Awakenings on Patreon, every dollar will go to getting new pages drawn. So join us on Webtoon… Adventures Ahead!!!

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