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Lola Bunny and Bugs Bunny as Harley Quinn and Joker Sketch CoverHello, did you all notice all the art and stuff on my website? I have a lot and it is hard to keep track of everything that I do… From Powerpuff/Teddy Bear Pop Culture Mashups, to Sketch Covers and Comic book pages. I simply cannot always update Alt World Studios to keep up with everything! So… What to do?

Powerpuff Girl Agent Carter Deadpool (or is that Deadpuff?) Powerpuff Mashup Powerpuff Girl Mashup X23 Powerpuff Girl Mashup Squirrel Girl
Follow Nick Davis On Deviant ArtNever fear my faithful fan(s) you can find all my art from the time I picked up a pencil again five years ago to now on my Deviant Art Portfolio… And I update every time I finish a new piece. You can view my Deviant Art Portfolio Here. Remember if you want to purchase any of my work as a print, or the original piece please contact me and we can work out details (all art/prints ship for free in domestic USA).

That’s all folks!

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