It Is DCEU v The World… Again… Again… With The Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad v the World

First lets start this post with this – it is possible to be a fan of something and still be able to criticize it, this act does not make you less of a fan, it just means you expected better. With that being said it looks like the latest release from the DC Expanded Universe (DCEU) Suicide Squad has been largely lambasted by the critics for being another DCEU train wreck.

It Should Be East Right?

I mean it shouldn’t be hard to make a Suicide Squad (SS) movie, it really is just the Dirty Dozen, but with Super-villains, heck you could copy the script of the first Dirty Dozen movie and you would be right on track of what SS is all about. You have Will Smith, being full on Will Smith and dressed Margot Robbie in a skimpy outfit, add a series of D-list characters that you can kill in spectacular ways and the entire DC universe to play in. The freedom of SS is can be silly, scary, serious and have a lot of action all at the same time. The very concept of a squad of Super-villains press ganged into doing the Governments super-secret dirty work is pure storytelling gold.  It seem’s though it isn’t the way… The first warning sign was this…

David Ayers ‘Fuck Marvel’
Followed by – David Ayers ‘I made this movie for the fans’

The phrase ‘I made this movie for the fans’ is never a good sign, I cannot think of many movies that have turned out to be good because they are made for the ‘fans’. Most have been five-finger stinkers, or over-stuffed yawning epics (Watchmen, the entire Hobbit trilogy… etc). Saying you made the movie for the fans means you just want to set off the Rabid Fanboys turning this into an DCEU v the world thing again, I had enough of this crap with BvS.

Oh, The Rotten Tomatoes Conspiracy

Then the critics came, at this time the Rotten Tomatoes Critic Score is 33% (which is bad) – view the Suicide Squad Score Here (opens new window)

Which in turn set of the Rabid DC Fanboys, who first off proclaim anyone who didn’t like SS are Marvel Fanboys and don’t like anything DC anyway and you say anything different your wrong and it is a conspiracy, and you just hate DC (which I really don’t as DC were the first USA comic books I ever read and the Giffen Justice League was blew my mind). Or another growing favorite is Disney are paying for bad reviews, or the critics are not fans so they don’t understand what the movie is all about. Indeed one Rabid Fan Boy has started a petition to remove Rotten Tomatoes (opens new window) saying it is biased (you can can’t make this stuff up). It is entirely possible this is another bad movie… You know like F4.

For me the jury is out, I’ve not seen Suicide Squad yet and like all the DCEU movies I won’t be catching it until its digital release (I am a poor artist after all). I feel the critics could be right, that the Fanboys are over compensating, and somewhere in the middle will be the true worth of the movie. I will find out for myself in a couple of months.

So Just Stop It

You’re being very, very silly and actually being offensive. It is entirely okay to like a bad movie so much you think it is amazing. I love Flash Gordon for example (okay bad example the movie is a glorious straight-faced camp fest). But breathe… Because it is allowed as a fan to expect something better of the character, story, universe that you love. (see my opening quote).

Since DC announced their partnership with Warner Brothers, and that they were bringing their characters to the screen in direct competition with Marvel Studios we’ve been served some pretty badly put together movies. Man of Steel, Batman V Superman and from the critic score Suicide Squad.

But, DC is more grown up, more serious than the Kiddie Marvel product, is the DC Fanboy response. To this I say I agree that DC comics have always been more serious than Marvels product, but have you see Winter Solider or Civil War? Both are benchmarks of what you can do with the Superhero genre and both are pretty serious movies in tone and subject matter. You can be serious, a little funny, full of action, tell a good story and most importantly be superheroic.

It Is Okay

As I end my Op-Ed piece I have this to say, it is okay to expect something better. DC’s Pantheon of characters are rich in history and are more deeply embedded in America than Marvels. Everyone knows who Batman and Superman is, everyone knows how both characters will act and react, we have had 70+ years of them in action.

The problems DC is having right now speak to direction and feeling of playing catch up to Marvel. I’ve always said if they took a moment and looked to their animation division (or just released animated features) they would be beating Marvel hands down in the theaters. I hope DC makes it, I want to see the Justice League on the screens before WB decides they’ve poured enough money down the hole and pull the plug.

At least we have Wonder Woman to look forward to and that actually looks like a complete tonal shift in storytelling for the DCEU, and looks better for it.

One Last Thought

I still feel though feel that DCEU is doing it all wrong… They need to go completely Silver Age and embrace the Final Frontier world they created, the visuals, the storytelling, the hypertech would make for such a compelling world DC would see unbridled success… onwards!

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