The Dynamics Of Losing Weight (or how I cheated myself to win)

Tristan the Teddy Bear and Alt World Studios Chief Everything Officer Nick DavisIt has been a long while since I last posted an article about my journey into losing weight and getting fitter, you will be pleased to know I am still on this journey and now sitting at 225lbs (down from 260lbs this time last year). On my last post about my #Daily10 journey I had stated I was switching gears and looking at maintenance over losing weight – the conclusion being I’m at the point now that muscle mass would be lost instead of actually weight. I am simply 5lbs away from the weight I was in my twenties and I don’t think I can get any further.

How To Cheat Your Way Here

Losing weight isn’t about going on the fad diet, or about joining a weightloss club, or 30 days plans… It has nothing to do with that… Losing weight, getting fitter is about a mental change, about wanting to feel better and without that switch going click in your head you will be incapable of making the change you want. The old maxim ‘you have to want it’ is true. This is a mental game.

Me, I cheated my way there… I am a foody, I love the taste, texture and sensation of different foods, I also have the old psychological block of growing up with the eat everything that is on your plate or you don’t leave the table (thanks Mum!). Hence you could pile my plate sky-high and I would eat anything on it. I guess if you entered me into an all you can eat contest I would be the World Champion.

So, what I did was simple, I cheated myself, I did this in increments… I slowly cut down on my food intact from a whopping 3000 – 4000 calories to 2200 calories by reducing the amount I ate daily and I started walking. A little at first, 10 minutes at lunch time until I was covering an average of six miles a day. I knew the gym wasn’t for me ( I never enjoyed the Gym even when I had to train), but what I did get in these incremental steps was results. I was losing weight.

I had successfully cheated myself there…

Be Happy With Your Goals

This sounds stupid right? But, you have to pick the goal you can make and be happy about it. I knew I could get to 240lbs when I first started and that was my goal. It was realistic and would afford me a better living standard, with less weight my knees and back would not under so much pressure.

I got the 240lbs and reset my goal to 235lbs, which I slowly crawled towards and found out one of the unspoken issues of weightloss… Your underwear gets very baggy and ermm… bunches… With my weight going down it, so did my clothing size and I found myself sleeping better at night (the wife reporting that my snoring had all but disappeared at night).

I hit my 235lbs mark… And jumped to 230lbs deciding that would be the maintain weight that I could keep and still indulge my foody senses once in a while. This was the hardest part of my journey as I bounced two pounds shy of my goal for almost a month. You have to accept fluctuations will happen, any given day we retain 3-5lbs in water weight, so keep that in mind when you weigh yourself on a scale.

Evolution, Not Revolution

I have been on this journey since November 2015, it has been a journey of increments, of an evolution driven approach over revolution. I wanted to do this my way, my rules and take an approach that would work for me. I had made that mental leap in my head that I had to start looking after myself better, I found the way to cheat myself there and I did it.

I am still doing this today… I maintain my six miles a day average, my calorie intake rarely exceeds 2300 and I feel good.

If I can do this… Then you can to.

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