The Influences Of Mr Button’s One Shot Comic Book

Mr Button The Teddy Bear Vengeance Comic

Hey, did you know we, as in Alt World Studios, are weeks away from releasing a new comic book? It is called Mr Button’s One Shot – the story of a vengeful Teddy Bear out to stop the Boogeyman and his Monster under the bed once and for all. As you can tell from the artwork this isn’t your regular Teddy Bear Tale.

Mr Button The Teddy Bear

2000AD Judge DreddBut what drove this story? It is certainly a departure from the more all-ages fair that is the Cuddly Defenders or the Wonder Tales that you expect from me.

Well, the driving force behind this story is one simple thing… My influences.

The comics I grew up with in the United Kingdom, the Beano, Dandy, Warlord, Battle and 2000AD, with their unique styles of storytelling which are reflected in my writing. Our comic books in the UK were always a little anarchic, especially the all-ages books like the Beano,  2000AD however is a highly ironic futurist comic that has you cheering for Judge Dredd (who really is a villain) and featured stories that didn’t shy away from violence and consequences of  your actions. Mr Button draws its primary influences from the 2000AD stories of my youth such as Dredd, Future Shocks, Rogue Trooper, Flesh and D.R. & Quincy.

Mr Button's One Shot A Teddy Bear Revenge Comic

Mr Button is very much a ‘What If’ tale – What if a Teddy Bear gets completely unhinged by betrayal at hand of his child and decides to strike back? That this Teddy Bear and decides to go all Punisher on all the imaginary creatures (the childhood legends) that would have influenced his child? We join Mr Button in One Shot as he goes on a rampage against the Boogeyman and his Legions of Monsters under the bed. To find out what happens you will have to check out the comic book.

Take a look at the book, it is illustrated by the amazing Veronica Smith, with covers by Josh C Lyman. I am hoping if we get a big enough response I can tell another Mr Button story as I have a whole plotted story I would like to see in print. I am sure you would like to see Mr Button go after Santa Klaus, or maybe the Easter Bunny, perhaps deal with a swarm of Toof Fairies?  Or put down a zombie horde of Teddy Bears? Anything is possible with a character like Mr Button and with your help and continual support we can unlock all the possibilities. You can read more about Mr Button here.

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