My Response To The Brussel Attacks

I Stand With Brussels BelgiumToday there has been three reported explosions linked to unconfirmed Daesh terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium. One in the Metro, and two in the International Airport Brussel-Zaventem, as I write this there still isn’t a confirmed death toll and the situation is still marked as ongoing. It is a sad day… Made more personal as I have family that live in Brussels, who, thank Gods are safe and sound.

Terrorism by its very act is pointed towards making us feel unsafe, to feel scared, to strike where we feel safe, to shake resolve and to spread the poison of fear, as a political act it has been shown to be pointless – it alienates and only serves to unite folk against your cause. After all how can you claim to be the victim, if you are killing those that have nothing to do with your misgivings. The only message you have is fear and hate, and if the only way you communicate it is through murder you will soon find yourself standing outside any possible discourse to further your beliefs.

Now, I live in the USA and today I’ve watched folk totally lose their crap in comment sections of various online media outlets that are reporting this news, (with vim and vigor like it is a Kardashian sighting.) I have witnessed comments from kill them all, round-up Muslims, put them in camps, to we are next… And they make me sad, because we are doing the Terrorists job for them, spreading fear and hate, and as ever perspective is always lost in a news media that pokes at fear just to raise ratings.

While you cannot predict the actions of terrorist groups like Daesh. I am always reminded that here in the USA I am in more danger from an attention shooter (normally a single white guy with a gun) than I am being anywhere near a Daesh or another fanatic group inspired terrorist act. My kids are in even greater danger than me just by just going to school, as mass-shootings are statistically more likely at these places… We have a very real and much more active version of home-grown terrorism with these assholes with guns.

The threat of terrorism in its many forms will never go away, and I cannot give assurances of safety to my loved ones, this is just the world we live in right now, it ain’t right, but one day it will be. My thoughts are with the good folk of Paris, Ankara and Brussels today and the only advice I can ever off is… Keep Calm and Carry On…

We win by living our life, we lose by giving into fear.

Be careful with the world today… Ever Onwards!

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