The 120 Day #Daily10 Weightloss Report Time To Switch Gears

Nick Davis - #Daily10 Exercise Works!Hey Everybody 🙂 If you’ve been following my #Daily10 tweets you will know that over the last 120 days I’ve lost a significant amount of weight, while raising my general fitness levels. It has been quite a quest, but now it is time to change gears.

What Is The #Daily10?

The whole deal of the #Daily10 was to take ten minutes of my day and make a life change and see if it would make a difference. That tiny slot of time, starting small, built into movement that made a huge impact on my life.

It wasn’t a revolution, it wasn’t a miracle diet, or one of those low-fat meal plans (which incidentally are laden with sodium), the #Daily10 was nothing more than exercise and sticking to a calorie limit. The simple equation burn more than you consume, weightloss will happen.

The exercise itself was low-impact as I had blown my knees and my back is still a mess from years of abuse, it involved dog walking, doing a building lap at lunch (the actually #Daily10 of this journey) and three times a week trip on the Recumbent Bike.

How Did I Do?

The results after 120 days have seen a significant change in my body.

I started this journey weighing 11/01/2015: 261lbs

I now weigh 03/08/2016: 231lbs

And believe I’ve hit a wall.

Let Me Explain

I’ve hit that point were I don’t think I can lose anymore weight without losing muscle mass, (yep, I have muscles hidden under this flabby frame). Which means after I drop one more pound I will changing my focus from weightloss, to maintaining my weight.

What Does This Mean?

Not much really, I will keep doing what I am doing, watching what I eat, keep to a calorie limit in the day, try not to snack and maintain my low-impact fitness regime. It may mean I might lose a little more weight, but I don’t see me dropping to far below 230lbs – the last thirty days I’ve hovered above and below this number so I have finally plateau’ed

It Worked

My #Daily10 change worked, it wasn’t a revolution, it was an evolution that moved me from overweight, unfit to comfort, fit and happy about the way I look. It played havoc with my waist size and I don’t think I own a pair of pants that actually fits me correctly without a belt. The goal was to see if I could affect change ten minutes a day and it happened.

Just persistence, sticking to a goal and seeing it through… Yeah… I don’t think that is going to fly on the weightloss market to many people looking for instant results and not wanting to do the work. What the #Daily10 showed is patience, incremental changes and just being sensible with what you eat will work… Ever onwards…

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