The Deadpool Movie Review… Shocker Alert Ahead!!!

Deadpool Movie Poster InsertI feel I have to start this review by stating a truth… I am not a big Deadpool fan, never have been, never will be… Sure he is fun to draw, sort of like a Spider-man is swords, but I’ve never really understood the attraction of the character – who ultimately has no real redeeming qualities. Saying that last night I went out with the wife and kid (he is a big Deadpool fan and knew what to expect) to watch the Thursday preview release of the Deadpool movie.

The Bottom Line…

Let’s get right down to it… I enjoyed the movie, it was fun, passed the six laugh test with ease, we had the grand spectacle moments and some fun word play – but not as much fun as I thought it would be considering Ryan Reynolds does have some good comedy chops about him. The R-Rating allowed for some brutal fight scenes, that were treated in the same comic book feneticism that Kick-Ass approached the graphic violence. But… For me it fell short of its potential.


Do not get me wrong, this is not colored by my dislike of the character, I just felt the movie could have been more zany, which would have balanced out the pretty graphic sexual talk that peppered the movie. Also, the character is Deadpool and his motivation, while being the classic boy saves girl trope, was self-centered… There is no nobility about this hero and they play that to the end. I didn’t feel uplifted…

Good Things

The movie just about balances the in-jokes for the hardcore Deadpool fans and acts as a gateway for folk who have never heard of the character. It manages to stay pretty true to its comic books in terms of character and Ryan Reynolds played him very well. I loved the interaction with Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (scene stealing stuff), and you have to keep you eyes open throughout because it plants easter eggs all over the place. Morena Baccarin is insanely hot and her character almost as psychotic as Deadpool, she matches Ryan step for step, line for line, even though it felt her character was out-of-place in the Deadpool world. And the Stan Lee Cameo is the best ever…

Bad Things

Given the characters potential to wise crack, break the fourth wall, and humor that could be mined, it fell short of being a clever send up of superhero movies (although Colossus was hilarious) and leaned very heavily on its gross out R-rating level humor. Only so many times is Deadpool saying ‘Motherfucker’ funny or original coming out of a superheroes mouth. It felt like all the real funny stuff was shoehorned into the opening sequence… It left me feeling ambivalent about the movie as a whole. I don’t think there is enough steam in Deadpool to make a sequel, he is very much a one-joke wonder… But, we shall see.


Make no mistake this is an R-Rated Movie, it is not R-Rated because of the graphic violence (which actually was pretty tame), it has the rating because a lot of the content is very, very near the knuckle… It has a lot of unexpected sexual content, nudity and certain acts that will leave you feeling awkward if you have your kid there… I had mine, he knew what to expect and was okay with what he saw, but don’t think this is an amp’ed up PG-13 Marvel superhero movie… It is not… Especially the unicorns…

The Last Thought

This movie is fun, not a total a gross out affair and acts like a slightly mindless popcorn movie… It doesn’t pretend to be anything deep and you can tell it was a labor of love by cast and crew. Deadpool fans will love it, general audiences may be slightly confused by it. My last thought is this is not a Marvel Superhero movie, so don’t go in expecting it to be one. It isn’t really an adult Superhero movie either (Kick-Ass (1) does that much better), this is an adult action comedy…

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