90 Day #Daily10 Report. How Am I Doing? You’re Going To Be Surprised! #Weightloss #Fit

Nick Davis #Daily10 20160201Omigosh… Here I stand 90 full days after starting my #Daily10 Challenge and I cannot believe I’ve made it this far. It seems an age since I decided to make this change in my lifestyle and now I am starting to feel some of the benefits.

What Is The #Daily10?

For those of you who are new, the #Daily10 is a simple life improvement technique based on the rule of incremental improvement. The basic premises of the #Daily10 is to walk up to 30 minutes day, spread over the day and to keep your calorie intake at a sensible level (in my case 1800 to 2000 cals a day). The trick being burn more calories than you intake and weight loss will happen. The #Daily10 Challenge isn’t about instant results, not about beating yourself up if you miss a goal, but about incremental improvement 0.01% at a time and changing your mindset to exercise… Making it part of your life, not a chore.

Now 90 Days In… What Are The Scores?

The last 3o days have been interesting, I made the decision not to beat myself up if I go over my calorie count and to always burn more than I consume. The most important part of the #Daily10 is mindset and approaching exercise, diet and lifestyle change in a healthy way. Not, forced or making it a chore… In short, you get to live your life. Here are my scores.

Weight on 11/01/2015: 261lbs

Weight on 11/30/2015: 247lbs

Weight on 12/30/2015: 239lbs

Weight on 02/01/2016: 233lbs

Through January I experienced a slow down in my weightloss, I attribute that to a plateau affect, I’ve reached the point that my moderate exercise and calorie burn is going to result in a smaller progress than I’ve experienced to the first 60 days. I am lighter, thinner, fitter than I was 90 days ago and the attributed issues of knee and back pain have all but gone.

First World Problems

Right now I am not to concerned at the speed of my weightloss, it is happening and I am now 28lbs lighter than I was when I started the #Daily10. As long as I stay the course I will hit my target weight in the next two weeks. It has given me an interesting problem in the wardrobe department. None of my pants fit me without a belt, and the belt I have is on its tightest notch!!! Even pants I brought six weeks ago will slip off me if I don’t wear a belt! Helluva a problem to have, eh? My pant size has gone from a 40-42 to a 36 (possible 34 comfort fit). Makes me wish I kept my older pants now.

Not bad, eh?

Starting Phase Two

In a couple of weeks I start what I call Phase Two, like Phase One of the #Daily10 it is a low impact exercise to keep strengthening up my blown knees and strained back. It is an increase of exercise with the use of Recumbent Bike and free weights to begin the tightening up process. The ideal is thirty minutes of my day will be taken up with this increase of exercise to increase the calorie burn and cardio. Thanks to Phase One of the #Daily10 I have the right mindset to this exercise and I am looking forward to pushing into this area.

Are You With Me?

Just look at my results, right now my entire #Daily10 exercise regime doesn’t take up any more than an hour of my day and it just involves walking and watching what I am eating. I don’t have personal trainer shouting at me for being weak, or the pressure and embarrassment of working out in a gym. I simply walk three times a day (twice with my dogs) and it is working for me… Have a go and post your results with the #Daily10 hashtag, this is a revolution of you.



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