The Cuddly Defenders Take On Snow Storm Jonas

The Cuddly Defenders Go SleddingWell, if you lived in the Mid-Atlantic/Northern region this weekend you got hit by Snow Storm Jonas and it brought a lot, and I mean a lot of snow… About 3 foot to be exact, although I spent most of it digging out, digging out the old ladies up the street and digging out my Neighbor. Then repeating the process as the County Plow, plowed us out and back in again.

While I was out, I was joined by the Cuddly Defenders, Tristan the Teddy Bear, Wilma Bunny, Archer Bear, Fernando The Mouse Lion, and Forrest & Scout. They didn’t hang around for long (Cuddly Toys hate the snow, who knew?), but they did have some fun on our sled, took in the conditions and ran off back inside leaving me to push snow for the rest of the day… Thanks Guys!

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