Go, Go Robo-Ted Mecha Anime Holding The Line Against The Boogeyman

Robo Ted Manga Action Panel
Go, Go Robo-Ted!!! Piloted by the grim LT Booyah, Robo-Ted is our last best hope against the Monster constructs of the Boogeyman…

Robo Ted Anime Teddy Bear Manga Action PanelRobo-Ted is my semi-regular action story written and illustrated in a classic Manga style. Illustrations was finished in Faber-Castell black ink and colored using digital media.

Seekers Away... Anime Manga Mecha Teddy Bear Action Panel

It is a fun experiment in storytelling using the explosive highpoints of manga storytelling and loading it with minimal exposition. I love Mecha and doing a lot of Teddy Bear storytelling, and I like the thought of Robo-Ted fighting huge gibberly horrors. I am not sure where LT Booyah and Robo-Ted are going, but I hope you join me for the ride.

Adventure Ahead!!!

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