Lord Of The Rings Birthday Cake – The Road Goes Ever On And On

Nick And The Lord Of The Rings CakeOn Wednesday, January 6 I turned 43 years old, while still not old enough to be considered an adult in Hobbit years it was old enough to earn a cake from the Sweets Fairy Bake Shop. This year I was lucky enough to be made a Lord of The Rings themed birthday cake and it looks smashing!

The Sweets Fairy did an amazing job this year! Every element of the cake is edible (well not the ring – but who would eat the precious!) and the map of Middle Earth was hand drawn on rice paper using edible ink. I love the quote ‘The Road Goes Ever On And On’ and the classic silhouette of the Fellowship walking across a down. Thank you Jean, the cake is amazing!

Eating the Lord Of The Rings Birthday CakeFor those of you keeping a calorie count score, each slice was approximate 180cals and as long as your sensible you can have your cake and eat it. Enjoy the gallery below to view more of the cake.

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