New Year, New Look, New Direction

A Handful Of Characters From The Alt World Studios StoriesWelcome to Alt World Studios, the home to the words and art of Indie Storyteller Nick Davis, over the last few days you may have noticed (now slowly evolve to reflect this new direction I am taking this year at conventions and approach to my work.

I’ve never been comfortable at conventions calling myself an Artist, I’ve always been more of a writer who can draw (as long as I take a run up to it) and the new description puts emphasis on who I am creatively. The Words (for writing) & Art (for my drawings) of Indie (independent) Storyteller (because in reality that is what I am). Now I can showcase all my work, writing, art, design, ideas and everything else under a banner that I finally feel includes what I am about.

I hope you join me this convention season as I take Alt World Studios onto the road and come check out all my work, from Teddy Bear adventure, to the Once Upon A Time wonder tales and the mostly ignored superhero comic (that is not about Superheroes) Fabula Zero. This is going to be a big year of changes and I hope y’all come along for the ride 🙂

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About Nick

Just an Englishman lost in the USA who happens to write now and again... Anyone got a cup of tea?

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