Another Race Around The Sun With That Was The Year That Was 2015

Here comes 2016!Hey Everybody Peeps! We survived another trip around the sun and what a really odd year this has been for me. First off,  thank you all for coming on this journey, for reading my ramblings and for buying my work… It is really, sincerely appreciated!!!

So This Happened

I don’t think I can recall how packed this year is for me and I know I will something out, so lets just quickly run through what happened this year.


037Went on a RV vacation with my Father to the Upper-New York state region, saw Niagara Falls and hung out at Darien Lake with my Kids. Not too bad… Pushed myself to draw more and learn sequential (comic) illustration with starting Hero Ted – the Superhero Teddy Bear web comic. Watched Tristan & the Cuddly Defenders Movie Pitch stall out in Hollywood as a parade of ancient properties have been revived by the risk adverse studios. However, there is hope yet, so keep your fingers crossed Teddy Bear Fans.

Found success with my new job and being trusted with much more responsibility as I try to guide a $500 Million Dollar a year company onto the internet of things. Now that is a quite an adventure. Also had fun at Comic Book Conventions and I think I’ve found my groove for 2016.

Got through another Inktober with a much improved drawing style.

Oh… And lost weight 😉

019And through it all Jean hung on there with me… Had another operation and is now making tracks to improve her health too.

So stronger than ever, eh?

Now  hang on tight… 2016  is almost here… Adventure Ahead!!!

My Blog In Review

Every year WordPress sends me my year in review in stats, views and who came from where. Have fun seeing what my number one post for 2015 was… The answer surprised even me!

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