60 Days Into The #Daily10 How Did I do? #Fit

Yeah... I know I look better with my glasses on...Hey, as we gently move into the new year I thought I would share with you the Day 60 results of my ongoing #Daily10 challenge, which actually has become more of a habit now (which is a good thing).

What Is The #Daily10?

For those of you who are new, the #Daily10 is a simple life improvement technique based on the rule of incremental improvement. To many diet regimes call for huge lifestyle changes or buying over-priced (and surprisingly high sodium) diet meals. Sure they do work if you have the mindset for it, but the #Daily10 is for those of us… Who well… To be fair… Are more sedentary.

The basic premises of the #Daily10 is to walk up to 30 minutes day, spread over the day and to keep your calorie intake at a sensible level (in my case 1800 cals a day). We burn about 1500 cals doing nothing, the simple mechanism of walking up to 30 minutes a day adds an additional 800 – 1000 calorie burn.

The #Daily10 Challenge isn’t about instant results, but about incremental improvement 0.01% at a time.

Now 60 Days In… How Did I do?

Well, here I stand 60 days later, mildly impressed with myself… I did sadly gain 3lbs over Christmas (damn mince pies!), but have since lost that weight gain. Cost me a week of progress, but… the #Daily10 isn’t about beating yourself up, it is about turning a ripple into a wave and to make exercise a habit over a chore.

Weight on 11/01/2015: 261lbs

Weight on 11/30/2015: 247lbs

Weight on 12/30/2015: 239lbs

I’ve gone down two pant sizes and XL shirts are starting to look a little baggy on me. I am calling this very spectacular progress and I’ve readjusted my target weight after breaking through the 240lb barrier with relative ease.

Now With Vivofit!

One of my grumps over the last 60 days is I knew I was missing crucial data to help me complete my challenge, my phone Fit App would sometimes not record results or even worse exaggerate performance giving me a false impression of achievement.

Vivofit - It Just WorksAt Christmas I was gifted a Garmin Vivofit (a Fitbit device) which allows for much more accurate record keeping and I can see the calorie burn from the moment I wake up, to the moment I go to sleep. I highly recommend anyone embarking on a weight-loss challenge in the New Year to get a one of these devices… Knowing how you are doing is really half the battle. Progress becomes much more realistic, as you set your own targets.

Set Your Goals

As I’ve mentioned before the #Daily10 is about setting your own goals. I’m not doing anything crazy, no insane diets, no feel the burn workouts, I am doing very small changes that are starting to have a very real effect. This is what I am doing.

Morning – 1 Mile Walk With Dog
Lunch – 0.5 Walk
Evening – 1 Mile Walk With Dog
(Vivofit scores say I do an additional 1.5 – 2 miles at work)

Target Calorie Count: 1800 
Burn more than you eat = weight loss (simple)

Keep Going?

My Family And MeThere is a specific reason why I am doing this… My family ;) I am fitter and thinner now than I was 60 days ago, I feel better, stronger and actually find myself getting antsy if I cannot keep to my three times a day walk routine. I’ve crossed from making this chore, into making this a habit and that is a significant mindset change. I have adjusted my weight goal and will keep going until I hit it.

Are You With Me?

The New Year is around the corner, the number one resolution is weight-loss and getting fitter, the majority of you will join gyms with good intentions and then very quickly stop going to the gym. The reason is simple, mindset, you’re not ready for that level of commitment to get fit, you want too, but it just doesn’t fit into your lifestyle… And after all that Cheesy Burrito and watching Netflix is a lot more fun than staying at a gym ass on a treadmill. I strongly recommend undertaking your own #Daily10 challenge slowly it will change your mindset and maybe get you into the right place to actually take advantage of what a gym can offer.

Good luck… Get moving… Onwards!!!

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