Who Is Hero Ted? The Superhero Teddy Bear Out To Save The World Before Bedtime

Hero Ted - The Superhero Teddy Bear out to save the world before bedtimeWho is Hero Ted? This Superhero Teddy Bear empowered by his child’s security blanket that has popped onto the Teddy Bear Tales scene. Well, my first question are you reading Hero Ted? It is quite easy to do because it is a FREE webcomic which you can view at Heroted.com

If you are please carry on reading, if you are not; I encourage you to take ten minutes out and catch up on this Teddy Bear adventure story. I think you will enjoy the innocent charm of it.

But Who Is Hero Ted?

There has of course been over super-powered Teddy Bears, the most famous being Super-Ted, a creation of Mike Young; this super-powered Teddy Bear was give his power by Mother Earth and with his friend Spotty the Alien took on Texas Pete and his dastardly gang. It is hard to say if Hero Ted was slightly inspired by this character, when I was young I did see a number of Super-Ted cartoons on the BBC.

But, this isn’t who Hero Ted is trying to be.

Meet Super-Ted & Spotty the Alien by Nick DavisHero Ted is my superman surrogate… Or, how I see Superman. No, not as a cuddly teddy bear, so don’t be silly. To me Superman greatest power is not his very silly power set, but his heart. Think about this, if you were this powerful, this invulnerable, would you solve problems by punching your way out of them? Or… Try to understand the cause and solve that instead. To me, Superman has demonstrated the latter over the former many times, and that has been something DC has forgotten with their current comic book and movie versions of the character. Superman is just not an angry, angst man and trying to write him like that just doesn’t work for the Kansas born Boy Scout.

Hero Ted gets his powers from his child’s security blanket that is wrapped around his shoulders, he is powered by wonder and innocence. He wants to explore and solve problems, not cause them, and although he will fight – he is after all a Superhero; he first reaction will always be to try to solve what is causing the problem and understand why his adversaries are upset.

This isn’t a bad thing to teach and will for some exciting stories.

Early Reader Comic

Compared to the Teddy Bear Tales illustrated books and the Cuddly Defender comics, Hero Ted is very much an early reader comic book. I made the decision to firmly target a much younger age group with this character. His adventures are huge, a little silly and an imaginative throwback to a very different era, Along with the usual cast of Monsters under the Bed our Superhero Ted will face off against a Sand Pit Monster and more. I hope you follow these adventures, they are full of heart and written for the Superman fan in us all…

Hero Ted, the Superhero Teddy Bear

Join the adventures of Hero Ted, the superhero Teddy Bear out to save the world just before bedtime.

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