Let Me Tell You A Story About A Friend Of Mine

Let Me Tell You A StoryThey say evil flourishes when good people do nothing, nothing is more true than the times we are living in and the escalating degree of hatred towards the Muslim religion that is rising around us. I am a good person, or at least work hard at trying to be one and I want to tell you a story about a friend of mine who helped me in one of the darkest times in my life, for no other reason than he does good, for the sake of just doing good.

On November 24th 2010 I lost my State Job, not through negligence, or cut backs, but because my Employment Authorization Document (EAD) had expired and the United States Custom and Immigration Service (USCIS) would not renew it. Early that year I had fallen out of legal status due to my ex-wife filing divorce before I could adjust to permanent status (Oddly enough I was a K1 visa recipient). I had spent the year fighting to regain my status, but I was for all sense and purpose an illegal immigrant and I just run out of time to turn the judgement around.

The State could no longer keep me employed and I was put into administrative leave to a view for final termination (which they flubbed big time). I had no savings and without an EAD I couldn’t even claim unemployment. Penniless before Christmas, unable to get a job and facing deportation, is not where a family man wants himself to be. It was one of the darkest moments of my life. I felt I had lost everything and was pushed to the wall. I was about to lose everything I worked towards for the last ten years.

I tried to rally, but every step forward was met with two or three set backs, it was really looking like I was going to have to leave the USA and my children behind. I put out an internet appeal to help and to my surprise a lot of folk did… And I thank you all for giving me the chance to fight back, to re-file my adjustment petition. But I want to talk about a friend who did something really amazing.

This friend called me out of the blue to visit him in a coffee shop in the city and gave me $500 cash, he told me he and his wife talked about my situation and they felt God would want them to help me. He asked me if I needed more, and even though I kept refusing the cash, he told me this was the right thing to do and to not be ashamed to receive help. He also sat with me into the evening talking me down and out of my depressed mental state. He was certain that everyone is part of God’s plan and he was sure God had a good one for me… He helped more than I can ever say. Eventually I found my way, however, it was that talk, that moment that helped me to start finding my feet.

This is the story of my friend, the kindest man I have ever met outside my own Father… My Friend was from India and a Muslim.

Not that his faith ever made any difference to me… Growing up in the UK you live in a multi-cultural melting pot and exposed to many different cultures and folk. For me it isn’t your faith that makes you a good person, it is who you are, to me he was just a great chap.

The year previous we talked about many things at lunch and after work, our kids, our dreams, our thoughts about some of the crazier things in the USA at the time, you know all that stuff regular folk talk about when shooting the breeze. We made fun of tech support call lines and how he used to ask them how the weather was in New Delhi.

We also talked about religion; he was devout, prayed three times a day, but like me questioned faith. He was sure with all the single deity religions that there was a common theme that predated his religion, my religion, all religions that bound us together. that these tales in our holy books are just that, written to connect us to a truth that has passed and that we may never know this source of creation.. Of who God is. We talked about 9/11 and the tribulations he went through at the time and how ashamed I felt he had to endure all that anger just because of his belief.

I still owe my Friend the $500 and will one day pay it back to him if I ever really find my feet. While I many not be flush with money, I try to do little things that help folk and follow his example of generally trying to be excellent to everyone. I miss our talks and his friendship as life drifted us apart. He is no doubt as embarrassed as heck that I am talking about him. I wont betray his modesty by naming him… But he deserves better than what the USA is currently changing into… All this hate… It is poisoning our souls.

And for that I am sorry my friend.

Evil does indeed flourish when good men do nothing, I am not sure what I can do, but I won’t silently stand by and let darkness and hate take out adopted home. I hope you join me my friends, stand up and speak out…

Thank you.

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