So How Did I Do In My #Daily10 Challenge? Win? Or Bust? The Answer Is Not What You Expected… #Fit10

I am feeling particularly super today!Hello, it has been 30 days since I started my #Daily10 challenge, where I challenged myself to low-impact exercise and a calorie limit. The idea being what change could I effect over a 30 day period with a ripple effect – after all ripples eventually become waves, right? So, how did I do?

30 Days Ago

I started the #Daily10 weighing 261lbs, the low-impact exercise, (due to niggling injuries of my youth) of a 10 minute walk at lunch, (#Daily10) and a more low impact exercise after work, like walking the dog etc. I coupled this with lower calorie intake of about 1800 a day, the math was simple burn more calories than I was consuming and weight loss will happen. I wasn’t expecting huge changes, or to regain the body of my youth, but a change in attitude and I posted my progress on Twitter.

How Did I do?

Well, here I stand 30 days later and here are the scores on the boards.

Weight on 11/01/2015: 261lbs

Weight on 11/30/2015: 247lbs

And I’ve gone down two pant sizes!!!


All I did was increase my exercise (just more walking), dropped snacking and kept to a rough 1800 calorie count (not strictly enforced), ate three times a day and didn’t drastically change my diet. I’ve lost 14lbs just by this low-impact #Daily10 change and this is during a month with a Feast Day built-in.

I am very happy with myself 🙂

I feel thinner, a little fitter, not so tubby, very happy and I am fitting back into my old pants (as is the wife.)

What Now?

Well, I mentioned at the start of my #Daily10 Challenge I stated I had a target weight in mind and I am two-thirds there and confident I will hit it, so the #Daily10 is going to extend into December and might bring some other changes. Not with a huge revolution, but in incremental 0.01% changes. If I can do this… Then what is your excuse?

Take up the #Daily10, it really does work and start making ripples my friends 🙂

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