England And France Reveal The Stunning Secret To Defeating the Terrorists Daeseh

Wembley Stadium - England v FranceWith the News Media here in the USA unable to report the recent Terrorist attacks in Paris, (forgetting about the attacks in Beirut and Kenya,) without sensationalize it. Watching the Newscasters trying to find ways to make us feel afraid, spreading anything they hear about the Terrorist like they are reporting on the Kardashians, this desperate race to grab ratings over these events is equally sad and pathetic to watch. What they forget to do is report the positive things that have happened that give the finger to the Terrorist and is the secret to defeating Daesh. 

Sadly in Germany today they had to call a Football (soccer) game off because of a concrete Terrorist threat and the USA News Media was all over this… Because it spreads more fear.

But they forget to report this amazing moment… ( I guess because it didn’t fit the fear narrative)

Today in the United Kingdom showed the world the secret to defeating Terrorists, while the USA News Media were trying (and succeeding in some cases) to make everyone afraid and hide in the basement, and blame refugees for everything, English and French Football fans gathered to watch a game at Wembley, London. A friendly international between England and France… The entire stadium sang the French national anthem it was amazing to listen too… A pure act of defiance in the face of the Daesh asshats.

By keeping calm and carrying on, showing we are not afraid and living our life is the way to defeat Daesh. They want us to be afraid and by living our life you are showing you are not, that they have no power over you and they will never ever win.

This is the secret to defeating Daesh… #United

Be careful with the world now 😉

PS – Just a FYI England beat France 2 – 0 (he… he… he…)

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