A Pile Of Sketch Cards, Faber-Castell Pitt Pens And Thirty-One Days Of Inktober

Thirty One Days Of InktoberI did it!!! I did it!!! With a pile of sketch cards, a set of Faber-Castell Pitt Pens and Thirty One Days of October I took part in the Inktober Challenge.

For those who don’t know what Inktober is here is a quick rundown – there is an annual event for artists of all talents that runs throughout the month of October called Inktober. The idea is you draw one illustration a day with ink, black, brown, blue, red whatever…I took part is the first Inktober in 2014 and successfully finished the event with 31 individual and unique inked illustration. This is a total no prize event, just the satisfaction of crossing the line and with daily drawing practice – which only helps to strengthen your skills.

Inktober The First Fifteen SketchcardsMy Challenge

To give myself a bigger challenge (because drawing 31 unique illustrations in a months wasn’t big enough) I decided I would only use Sketch cards and Pitt Pen, and as the majority would be drawn during my lunch break I gave myself a fifteen minute time limit on each inked drawing. Now, for some artists fifteen minutes may be a huge amount time, but for me it was nothing, so I had to significantly tighten up my game.

The Final Sixteen For The Inktober Challange31 Day of Art

Enjoy the Gallery… Thank you all for joining me on this ink based adventure 😉

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