Drawing Outside Your Comfort Zone – Drawing The Teddy Bear Superhero Hero Ted

Hero Ted - The Superhero Teddy Bear Out To Save the World Before Bedtime
Have you met Hero Ted? He is the Superhero Teddy Bear out to save the world just before bedtime. I had chance a couple of days ago to do a quick character study illustration just to play with some elements of this new hero.

What I tried to do was bring out Hero Ted’s inner power, while trying to keep that cuddly toy look, after all he isn’t supposed to be mean, or angry, just a Teddy Bear who gains superpowers from wearing his child’s blanket.

I choose to have him walking out of a flash of light to emphasis his power, and bulked him out and squashed him down. This helped him look more cuddly and softened his all look – while keeping that feeling of his power.

Stage To Stage

Here is the stage by stage of my Hero Ted, started from pencil, inked in Faber-Castell pitt pens and finishing in blended inktense Derwent Pencils.

Who is Hero Ted?

Learn more about Hero Ted and checkout his Origin story here.

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