Looks Like Hurricane Joaquin Might Be Joining Us This Weekend – Safety Tips [UPDATED]

Hurricane Joaquin Coming To BaltimoreGiven current predicts it looks likes Hurricane Joaquin may be joining us over the weekend, although I suspect by the time it gets to us it will be a tropical storm, or just a soggy depression. However, there remains a possibility we will get blasted by a lot of rain and see some wild woolly storms aiming to rip through Baltimore in the next few days. I am re-posting my public awareness blog, packed full of recommend safety tips to take you through the upcoming extreme natural event.

[UPDATE 10/02/2015 – Hurricane Joaquin has turned North and will not be making landfall, there will be a tidal surge and heavy rains, but we will be spared the brunt of the winds. With the accumulative rainfall with the Northeaster we will see flooding in the usual area. If you live in those areas, especially coastal areas please make the usual preparations, and everyone stay alert for flash floods. We got lucky and wont be experiencing anything other than a glancing blow, but this will still be a stormy weekend. Be careful out there.] [UPDATE 10/01/2015 – Current tracking has Joaquin curving away into the Atlantic, while it now looks like Hurricane will not make landfall we will still be subject to high winds and rain, and will be a category one Hurricane when it passes out state sometime on Saturday/Sunday. Maryland will also be subject to a Northeaster throughout Friday, which will dump a significant rain fall in our area and will cause flooding. Be safe, be prepared, this is a storm filled weekend.]
  1. Monitor your local weather channel this weekend, get a battery radio to do this you will lose cellphone reception before you lose on old-fashioned battery radio signal. Cellphone towers do have their own generators, but run times will be limited.
  2. If you are being evacuated it is for a very good reason… So go!
  3. Pack up valuables and move them to higher ground (ie upstairs).
  4. Secure any loose items outside like BBQ, flower pots, garbage cans etc…
  5. Fill up containers with water in case you lose this utility. One gallon per person per a day, store them in the bathtub. If you can get some ice place in the same area.
  6. Pick up non-perishable food ie canned goods or hydrated food (rama noodles) enough to last 2-3 days.
  7. Keep at least a half tank of gas in your vehicle.
  8. Pack an evacuation bag (one for each person in your house) make sure everyone in your household knows what to do.
  9. Buy a lot of old leather so you can fashion cool post-flood apocalypse clothing to reenact your own much better version of Waterworld.
  10. Unclog drains and gutters, it will help the water drain faster and make your home less prone to flooding.
  11. Click this link for full list of what you should do to prepare for this Hurricane.
  12. If you are in Maryland here is the link to Maryland Emergency Management Agency website.
  13. A good interactive map showing you up to date predictions of where Hurricane Joaquin is going to hit can be found here.
  14. The Weather Channel Severe Weather Alerts broke down by county/city can be found here – Bookmark as it is constantly updated

Why so serious? Well… The last time I posted a disaster prep list for a Hurricane it was during the Isabel event, and I saw a huge spike in web traffic before the event (And I wrote that list more in jest than to be informative). While I think Joaquin will blow itself into a Tropical storm, and most likely end up being a very soggy depression it pays to be prepared, informed and safe.


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